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Description: The Life Force Inc. FREQUENCY ALIGNMENT DEVICE ® employs a revolutionary technological approach to the re-alignment of two of the body's most important frequencies. The Human Life Frequency and the Immune System Frequency. Once these frequencies are re-aligned to where they should be for your given age, the immune system's ability to perform the removal of pathogens in the human body (Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi) is enhanced. We also begin to achieve an electro-chemical balance in our body, required for wholesome cell production. These invaders of the human body are believed to be the cause of so many illnesses and afflictions.

When in the body their Life Frequencies disrupt our Human Life Frequency and Immune Frequency causing both to rise considerably. The Life Force Inc. ® technology is an attempt to restore these frequencies thus allowing our body's defense to perform at their peak abilities. In doing so, grave illnesses disappearing, scars healing completely, and general health improvements too numerous to list here have been reported. Comes with a wire set and a set of 2 poly pads.
Retail Price: $1,495- Your Price: $1,195 includes FREE USA Shipping


Poly Pads:

Poly Pads are made of a special electrical conductivity material and have clip in wire connectors on them. If you are sharing this device with others we highly suggest that each person has their own pads. This is especially true if you are putting these pads directly on infected areas or using it for viruses like herpes or HIV. It only makes sense. Sure you can wash or clean the pads each time but you are using this device sometimes several times a day. 2 Poly-Pad Set 6" x 6" like those in the top of the image. We found those to work best - one over the liver and one over the kidneys. -

One Set of two 6” x 6” Poly-Pads $35- plus S/H

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