"I love the boost in energy and mental clarity that I get when and after wearing this device. So much so that I cannot use it after 5pm if I want to sleep. Thanks so much."

Richard Masters, California

"An unexpected result from using the LifeForce device for viruses is my face looking younger and the increase in energy that I have.

Linda, N. California


This Revolutionary Frequency Alignment Technology dials in the NATURAL Healing frequencies the body needs to heal itself. The lab studies definitively show these frequencies killing deadly viruses, fungi and bad bacteria in pietre dishes. We know that inside the human body these pathogens reside and most doctors will agree that are the cause of many diseases. What about on people with these conditions? Read the remarkable testimonials of troubled people who claim to have had life changing results using the LifeForce2000 Frequency Alignment Device® for over 20 years – Now due to higher tech research and a wider study with the LifeForce2000 Frequency Alignment Device® an upgraded version is Now Available!

If you or someone else you love is challenged (or plagued as my friend was) with viral, pathogens, bacterial, fungi, low Immune system, chronic fatigue issues then you may want to become a LifeForce2000 Frequency Alignment Device® tester


It realigns the bodies most important two frequencies, the Human Life Frequency and the Immune System Frequency. Once these frequencies are re-aligned to where they should be the immune system’s ability to perform the removal of pathogens in the human body (Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi) is enhanced. We also begin to achieve an electro-chemical balance in our body that is required for wholesome cell production. These invaders (Pathogens, Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi) of the human body are believed o be at the root cause of so many illnesses and afflictions affecting millions of people every day.


Your body is designed to keep you alive and to repair or heal itself. Something in your personal matrix is intelligent enough to build an entire body in the first place and runs all the systems to keep you alive. It makes common sense that if you give the body what it needs or remove the obstacles in the way that the body can and will heal itself.

A change in diet, stress reduction, Yoga or exercise, or even the ancient art of Chi Gung has healed the body as fast as drugs and everyone knows that surgery is always a last resort. Bottom line your body does the healing. LifeForce2000 Device® simply enhances your body’s ability to do the healing by aligning the LifeForce inside you.

If your car battery is low you need a charger or even a jump start to get it running again. What you may not know is that even after the jump start your car’s frequency device, called an alternator, sends energetic frequencies a little at a time to charge your battery while you are driving so that the next time you need to use it you have the power to do so. You may want to think of the LifeForce2000 Frequency Alignment Device® in the same way.

Your body is electrical and energetic. Each organ, muscle group, your brain and nervous systems run on a different set of frequencies. The better (simplistic use) or more perfect the frequency the healthier each organ, muscle, brain or nervous system is. Pathogens, viruses and bacteria have their frequencies also. When they choose you as a host life can be unpleasant. Maybe you know this all too well. If so you are in luck.

Buy now you must be thinking OKAY enough just tell me how much is this LifeForce Device. Please remember that it is a research device and not a major production supermarket gadget. It is a revolutionary technology that is made so well that LifeForce Inc. GUARANTEES THE ELECTRONICS FOR LIFE!! Comparing the price for good health is extremely affordable at $1,295 which includes FREE shipping and everything that you need to start using the device.

You will need to stock a supply of 9 volt batteries. We supply one with your LifeForce Device so you can put it on immediately. It is super easy to use!


The Earth has an electromagnetic field surrounding it. This field has a frequency. All matter within this field has its own vibration frequency. Your body also has an electromagnetic field. From time to time this vibration frequency can become unbalanced. The Life Force 2000 helps realign your body frequency.

Some amazing results have been reported after using the Life Force 2000.

The most frequently asked question is if there are any harmful effects to you. None have been reported. Some of the results that have occurred are startling. There have been reports of older skin replaced by new, healthy skin. Even scars and blemishes have been said to disappear. Claims have been made of eyesight improvements from just a bit to significant, especially with night vision.


A young child had chicken pox. The device had been applied as instructed and the child's fever broke within the first seven minute session and the pox marks were gone within five hours.


A 79-year-old man with terminal prostate and bone cancers used the device as instructed for twenty-one consecutive days. Upon returning for testing, his results showed he no longer had cancer.


Amazing you say? It appears that once your body has been realigned, abnormalities in the body seem to be gone!


It has shown no effect on blood pressure, mental alertness or body temperature. It has never produced pain, although it has often stopped pain instantly.


In the data from the research of this technology it is found that the under laboratory conditions it takes approximately three minutes to kill bacteria, five minutes for viruses, and seven for fungi. These are laboratory conditions, the conditions within the body may differ considerably.

The feedback we have received has indicated that few people apply the technology for this short a period. We find that most have extended their application times to fifteen minutes minimum to applications lasting eight hours or even more, with no harmful effects.


What we do see is that the vast majority no longer have the affliction they started out with. Some have sent to us actual medical reports of before and after and some amazing results can be seen in these reports.


A gentleman in Texas sent a report showing elevation in his P.S.A. levels (Prostate Cancer Test) and another document indicating he had bone marrow cancer. He purchased a unit and in four days he reported that the skin cancer on his legs had disappeared! After twenty-one days his cancer was gone from his body! He reported he applied the technology all day while at work.


Others have reported applying the energy directly to an affected area and observed reduction of scarring, warts and moles disappearing and great improvement in vision.

A lady in Florida was diagnosed with parasites on the brain. Nothing seemed to work and she was trying everything. Fortunately she got the LifeForce2000 and in a short while she is parasite free. She has her life back and contributes this great change to the use of this frequency alignment device.


Connections can be wrist to wrist, wrist to ankle and ankle to ankle. Poly Pads are placed over the kidneys and liver to cleanse the blood system or on specific affected areas needed attention.

For spot applications leave the RED connection connected to a wrist or ankle and apply the Black connection to the site of interest. Ankle to ankle is best for afflictions from the waist down. Wrist to wrist for afflictions above the waist.

Energy flow to the body is indicated by the intensity of the light over the black terminal of the device. It normally will glow dimly, and may only be seen in a dark room, this is normal. A bright glow is indicative of great energy flow, this is O.K. We find that there are a few contributing factors involved. The first is the amount of mineral and salt content in the fluids of the body. Second is the galvanic skin resistance of the body at any given time. Third is skin moisture. Sometimes, one will see great energy flow while other times there will be minimal flow. This is normal.


All LifeForce2000 Device® devices ship with two wrist bands and two 6x8 inch non-metallic Poly-Pads. The Poly-Pads are used where wrapping a wrist band is not possible.

If you are sharing this device with someone make sure that the bands and pads are thouroughly washed and cleaned between use. Especially if it is a virus like herpes or HIV. We actually recommend that each person has their own set of pads.


More technical information:

The LifeForce2000 Device® works by applying very definitive bandwidths of frequencies in three specially created groups of waveforms.  One band contains all the frequencies pertaining to the pathogen (bacteria, viruses, fungi) range. We omit the frequencies of enzymatic bacteria and some floras, they are needed for our digestive functions and therefore need not be disturbed. Much research has been done in defining these frequencies and  research continues to define the frequencies of new strains of pathogens as they emerge; to date none have fallen outside of the over one million frequencies we employ in our devices.

The wave shape and orientation instruct the cells of the body to open and release their pathogen content to the bloodstream, where they are more readily exposed to the frequencies contained in the perspective band we use to effect them. Each pathogen frequency then meets with its own frequency contained in the waveform; this sets up a strain on them, where it is impossible for each to vibrate at their own Life Frequency. They slowly self destruct. These now-dead pathogens are carried through the bloodstream to our filter organs to be processed out of the body. This is why we suggest, during the use of the technology, when you find it is time to urinate, consume some clean water before urination. What this does is to create pressure for the flush and to leave some fluid in the filter organs for the next batch of die-off to be suspended. This allows the filter organs to function with less strain. Please consume adequate clean filtered water or fluids!


The other two groups or bands of frequencies are used to realign the Human Life Frequency and the Immune System Frequency to where they should be for your given age. All LifeForce2000 Device® models readily address Nano-Bacteria, the bacteria that is responsible for deposits of plaque in our heart, veins and arteries. Be cautious of imitations of this technology; the application of an improper wave shape can cause damage to the cell structure of our bodies and promote the growth of harmful organisms. The application of a negative going waveform to the body has been shown to cause cell damage.


The application of frequencies within the human frequency bandwidth has been shown to cause ATP molecule damage. The pathogen frequency range is well below that of the human frequency bandwidth. Application of a device that is not protected from harmonic generation will reach up into the human frequency range causing damage to our cell structure.


Every LifeForce2000 Device® must pass a rigid quality control process to assure each is meeting all of the criteria for safety and proper function. We use only precision parts in the construction and testing of each device. In doing so, we warranty each Life Force Inc. to function electronically for your lifetime!


NOTE! You must maintain a fresh battery supply to ensure your device's effectiveness. Two 9-volt alkaline batteries are required for your initial 30-day application. The first battery will be used from day one to day fifteen, the second to day thirty.



The LifeForce2000 Device® Frequency Alignment Device:

  • is protected from dangerous harmonic components in all bands.
  • is protected from most outside frequency elements.
  • is protected against negative going components in its waveforms.
  • omits the frequencies of enzymatic bacteria and flora used in our digestive functions.
  • it directly addresses Nano-Bacteria.
  • contains all frequency components of the Pathogen Molecular Vibration Identities.
  • allows the output amplitude to penetrate the entire body.
  • has no adverse effects on cognitive functions over long term use.
  • has a Limited Lifetime Warranty against electronic component failure.


The LifeForce2000 Device® is designed and programmed to achieve an electro-chemical balance in the body. It is programmed to Screen Out the frequency for friendly enzymatic bacteria and flora in the digestive system. Other instruments may not do this and therefore may damage some of the bodies own friendly bacteria that is necessary for digestion. This creates further imbalances in the body.

Users of the LifeForce2000 Device® can expect to achieve an 86% total body alignment in about 30 days of use. This creates an electro-chemical change in the body that allows it to produce wholesome, purer cells. Without this electro-chemical balance, there are adulterated cells and lack of cell production. This instrument does NOT target any specific disease. It is designed as a frequency alignment instrument that assists the body to return to its normal form and function.

The LifeForce2000 Device® is also programmed for frequencies pertaining to our pets problems. Since their frequencies are well below the human frequencies, there are no problems with harmonics and the cross-contamination of frequencies. Included are the 5 primary frequencies for fleas, larvae, ringworm, heart worm, pinworm, and flatworm. These are all well below the human frequency.

What is the Difference Between LifeForce2000 Device®

and the Hulda Clark Zapper

or the Bob Beck Blood Electrification Device

The Bob Beck blood electrification system is not designed as a broad spectrum frequency generator.  If uses a particular amount of voltage and current to Zap the pathogens in the circulating blood.  The Hulda Clark Zapper does use a frequency approach for parasite zapping, but the basic device does not cover the wide range of frequencies programmed into the LifeForce2000 Device®.  In fact, the Hulda Clark Zapper requires the purchase of extra Smart Keys and Program Drivers in order to extend its capabilities for addressing various health problems beyond the basic built-in parasite frequency .  The Beck and Clark devices are both high quality, reliable products that offer less that what the LifeForce2000 Device® does.

The LifeForce2000 Device® incorporates almost 20 years of extensive, ongoing research, built-in safety measures, and very expensive custom engineered electronic chips. Typical electronic components have a 10% to 15% performance tolerance that allows the frequencies to drift when the components warm up. The custom engineered proprietary Rockwell chips used in the LifeForce2000 Device® are designed and manufactured just for the LifeForce2000 Device® at a die/engineering cost of over $10,000 and have all of the frequencies and harmonics built into the chips. These chips have absolutely NO drift and NO stabilization problems. Remember, the LifeForce2000 Device® is guaranteed for LIFE to function electronically. Quality parts are more expensive. Our switch on the LifeForce2000 Device® is guaranteed for 3 million clicks. The L.E.D.’s are the most expensive and reliable available.

Another question that is often asked is how the LifeForce2000 Device® can bypass the skin effect of high frequency currents not penetrating through the skin, which is a major problem and concern for all bio-electric devices. This is achieved by the use of a self-balancing bridge balance circuit on the front end. As you use the unit, it gently adjusts itself to the galvanic skin resistance, the mineral content, and the salts of the body. During the first few minutes of use, the unit will automatically balance itself to the resistance of the body and find the correct link or current pathway of the particular user so that the users body frequency is matched to the device.

Again, this is what we call a "bridge-balance circuit". Skin effect resistance is one of the most difficult problems to overcome in using bio-electric devices on the body because too much current will damage and burn the skin and tissue, and too little current will be ineffective. The LifeForce2000 Device® bridge-balance circuit handles this problem nicely. There are a number of other factors which can lessen the skin effect. The most important is CONDUCTIVITY.

When the electrode polypads are placed on the body (typically the wrists), the skin should be squeaky clean, free of oil and dirt, and as moist as possible. It helps to keep a small bottle of saline solution nearby during use to continually re-wet the wrist straps to achieve maximum conductivity.

This small compact high tech unit is working with the body's cellular frequencies. Remember, the unit is small because instead of using INDIVIDUAL electronic parts, the LifeForce2000 Device® uses custom engineered proprietary integrated circuit chips that have all frequencies, harmonics, and instruction sets built into them. 


20 years of research and development has gone into development of the LifeForce2000 Frequency Alignment Device®, a revolutionary device that generates a million frequencies in a special Tri-Phase pattern that enhances your body’s Natural frequencies bringing them to optimal state so the body can do what it was designed to do - heal and repair itself. Please forget those other cheap devices that kill everything including all the bad bacteria and the good very necessary bacteria because frankly many people get sicker as their bodies become toxic to fast. Give your body a boost with natural frequencies that help boost your own bodies natural system.

Personally I love this LifeForce2000 Frequency Alignment Device® because it gives me great extra energy (so I am thinking that it must be keeping me healthier too). I also must say that people keep telling me how much younger I look. My wife gets the same comments.

While this is a research device the reports from users are amazing.

"With reference to your thoughts....., keep in mind, we have never lost anyone to any Cancer! Our technology is the only that we know of that rebuilds the Liver Cell structure after Hep-C! The only to open and re-establish capillary involvement, this provides corridors to and from areas of the body that have little or no blood flow. With this re-established, pain in these areas of the body is gone and the first result one will experience. This also provides fresh oxygenated blood to areas where plaque has become hardened and mobility has become limited. Normally we see mobility of joints restored in as little as 30 days to 120 days for extreme cases." Richard Bruneau, LifeForce

Disclaimer: the Life Force 2000 is not a medical device. It is an experimental electronic instrument. It is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, cure or mitigation of any disease in humans or animals. It is not designed to affect the structure or function of any system in the body. If you have a health-related condition that requires medical attention, always consult with a licensed health care professional. Any individual results may vary.

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